Bike Maintenance Class

Bike Maintenance Classes
Tuesday May 14th First class: Flat prevention and repair. Learn how to prevent flats and fix one. We will cover patching and replacing tubes.

Tuesday May 21st Second class: Shifters and derailleurs. How to adjust shifters and derailleurs, setting limit screws and adjusting cable tension.

Tuesday May 28th Third class: Brakes, how to adjust road caliper, V-brakes and cantilever brakes. We cover compatibility with brake levers, and briefly discuss disc brakes.

Tuesday June 4th Forth class: Drivetrains and bearings. We cover chain wear, replacing cassettes and chainrings, and adjusting bearings. You will get to use a chain tool in this class.

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Bring your bike to these classes. Hopefully we will have a wide array of bikes to work on.