Bike Commuting

Why ride a bike to work? You can save money, the environment, and, possibly, your mind. There is nothing like a nice ride home after a stressful day. Santa Fe is small enough to be reasonably easy to get around in by bike, but it can take a bit of route planning. Many riders prefer to stay off of Cerrillos, St. Michael’s and most of St. Francis, and use smaller streets. Email us at and we’ll work out a route for you!

The Santa Fe MPO (Metropolitan Planning Office) is working on a new master plan. Take a look: Santa Fe Bicycle Master Plan.

What type of bike do you need to commute? Almost any bike can work. We have specific commuter bikes like the Giant Escape City and Via 2. A basic hybrid works quite well. Flat bar road bikes, cyclocross or touring bikes also function very effectively for commuters. A mountain bike may be a bit slower on pavement, but for a shorter commute it does fine. Road bikes also work, and the speed of a road bike is nice for longer distances.

What other stuff do you need to bike commute? Lights are a necessity outside of the summer months. At least one way will probably be in the dark. Flashing LED lights are inexpensive and make a rider very visible. They don’t provide enough light to see by, but allow cars to see you. Lights with enough power to see where you are going start around $30. A good rechargeable headlight system will give you enough light to see the road. These start at $65. A rack allows you to mount a basket or bags to bring along work clothes, books or a laptop. Fenders make inclement weather riding easier. For some commuters, a good lock or locks can be a necessity.