Rowe Rumble Gravel Grinder

The Rowe Rumble


NEW DATE: Sunday, November 13th, 2016 @ 9:00 AM “Sharp
Two courses:
A) 50 Mile “Loop” (Advanced)
B) 33 Miles Out-n-Back (Intermediate)

PARKING: Park at the East End of County Road 51C, where it meets the National Forest and FS326.

Directions: (Try doing a Google Map Search for: "County Road 51C, Lamy, NM”)

Or, From the Fina Cafe (Off of Interstate 25, at the Lamy Exit), follow the frontage road, “Old Las Vegas Hwy”, EAST - - to the “Ojo de La Vaca” tunnel (going South, underneath Interstate 25).

Follow Ojo de La Vaca Road, AKA “County Road 51”, through the “Canoncito” area, as it wraps around, crosses a stream and the rail road tracks, cuts to the right and climbs steeply up onto Rowe Mesa.

Skip the turn-off for 51D. Take 51C, East, (Left).

It's a straight shot into the Santa Fe National Forest and Forest Service Road 326 (FS326). My silver VW pop-top will be there. That’s the start/finish line.

COURSE (From the Official Start Area inside the National Forest boundary, at the end of CR51C):

A) 50 Mile Loop (Hard, Extremely Challenging) Ride from the start line, through the open/parking area, in an North and then winding Easterly direction for approx. 15 miles, carefully, so as not to get lost, over rough, poorly marked, crappy, double track Forest Service Road (FR326), with nasty sand traps and huge ruts and ravines. If you and your bike survive, you’ll pop out, way over on the East side of Rowe Mesa, under the power lines. Turn RIGHT (South) onto State Route 34, which is badly paved, but won’t remain paved for long. Follow SR34 first South and then as it swings West for a total of 16 miles. After a long Westerly straightaway, you’ll notice that SR34 is about to swing South again, and because you are so Beautiful and Smart, you’ll know that this is the turn-off for CR51 (County Road 51). Turn RIGHT (North) onto CR51and follow this dirt road as it rolls and climbs due-North for about 15 miles. Keep your eyes open for the RIGHT turn at 51C and power like the WINNER you are down that last mile to the FinishLine - GravelBikeNirvana - And your car, with whatever devious treats you brought yourself as a reward for completing this monster ride!

B) 33 Miles Out-n-Back (Intermediate) You’ll head WEST from the Starting line, back out on the road your drove in on, CR51C. In 1 mile, at the first intersection, cautiously turn LEFT (South) and stay on CR51 for about 15 miles, till it intersects with SR34. At that point, after taking a quick selfie, turn around and retrace your steps back to the start/finish area. All those cool snacks that you left in your car are waiting for you. Keep your eye over your shoulder, the riders doing the loop might be coming up from behind.

Everyone Please Bring: Water & Food (2 - 4+ hr. ride), repair gear for your bike, and some rain-gear.


This is the 4th incarnation of this particular PirateRide (loosely organized FREE event) that brings cyclists together in the spirit of Adventure to experience obscure styles of New Mexico riding. Riders are welcome to ride whatever bike they’d like – gravel-specific (BEST), ridged mountain bike (My choice), road or even FatBikes (Not my choice!). The ride is completely unsupported and traverses an extremely remote area with little, if any, cell coverage, and likely no way to even recover your body should you crash and burn. If you’re going to be an idiot, please mark your carcass so as to be easily identifiable. We suggest you come prepared! Study a map! Ask Questions! Ride with someone who knows the loop. Use a location identification device, like a SPOT. Your safety, brothers and sisters, is in your own hands. BEWARE: This route is open to traffic.