Bikes Available 01/21/2021

There is a great bike shortage at the moment. We have almost no 2020 bikes left and 2021 models are trickling out. We do have a pretty good selection of youth bikes and e-bikes. Here is a partial listing:

Fit Series One, gold, blue
Fit STR Freecoaster, blk, purple
Fit STR Med raw, peach,
Fit TRL 2xl gold, clear
Fit TRL xl green, black
Fit PRK Med black teal flake, chrome
Fit PRK XS, Green
Fit Series 22, black


Giant Animator 12": blue, black
Liv Adore 12":magenta, white
Giant Pre 12" : black
Giant Animator 16":grey, blue
Liv Adore 16": plum, green
Liv Adore 20": dark blue, white
Giant STP 20, grey
Giant xtc 24 disc, concrete
Giant Trike: blue, pink
Haro Prewheelz 12: red
Haro Shredder 16: blue, sky blue
Haro Flightline 20+, grey
Haro Flightline 24, blue/purple
Liv Flourish 24: cream

Giant Roam E+ lg
Liv Rove E+: xs, sm, med
Giant Talon E+ 3, med, lg, xl
Giant Fastroad EX+ med
Giant Transend E+ lg
Giant LaFree E+
Raleigh Sprite IE 2.0
Raleigh Misceo IE, lg

Road bikes:
Giant Contend AR 1, lg
Liv Devote 2, xs

Mountain bikes:
Giant Yukon Fat Bike: lg
Giant Talon 1. SM
Giant Talon 29 4, XL
Liv Tempt 4 27.5 sm
Giant Stance 29 1, XL
Giant Trance 29 3, lg,
Giant Reign 29 2, lg
Diamondback Release 29 1, xl
Diamondback Release 29 3, med, lg
Diamondback Catch 1, lg
Haro Double Peak Trail 29 lg, xl
Haro Double Peak Trail 27.5 sm,
Haro Double Peak Sport 27.5, sm

Giant Cypress, sm, med, lg
Giant Cypress DX, med
Giant Roam 2, med, xl
Giant Roam 3, sm, med, lg, xl
Giant Roam 4, sm, med, lg, xl
Giant Escape 2, med, lg
Liv Alight 2, xs, sm, med
Lic Rove 2, xs, sm, med
Liv Rove 3, xs, sm, med
Liv Rove 4, xs, sm, med
Liv Sedona W, sm
Liv Sedona DX, xs, med