Bikes Available 09/20/2021

There is a great bike shortage at the moment. We have placed orders for all the bikes we could, and they will gradually trickle in. Orders we place now are for next spring/summer. We have BMX bikes from Fit, Redline, Haro, Sunday, DK and Verde hopefully coming someday. We have a good supply of youth bikes. Entry level mountain bikes are in very short supply, more are coming but they have been going out as fast as they come in. We have some dual suspension bikes, and a few nicer hardtails. We have some hybrid. We have a few gravel bikes. We have some commuter style e-bikes, and some Marin e-MTBs are here.

Fit Misfit 18, trans black
Redline Romp, blk, olive
Redline Recon, red
Redline Rival, grey


Giant Animator 12": black
Liv Adore 12":magenta
Liv Pre, pink
Giant Animator 16":grey, blue
Liv Adore 16": plum, green
Giant XTC JR 20, red
Liv Enchant 20, salmon, aqua
Liv Adore 20": white
Liv STP 20, teal
Liv Enchant 24 lite, astral
Giant XTC JR 24 disc, concrete
Giant Escape Jr 24, blue
Liv Alight 24, purple
Giant Trike: pink
Joey 4.5 20", fushia, blk
Joey Thumper 20 R8, white
Marin Donky 16 Jr 16 SE, blk, white polka dot, turquoise
Marin Donky 18 SE, polkadot, red/blk
Marin Donky JR 20, wht/silv, blk gold
Marin Donky JR 24, wht/silv, blk gold, blu/blk
Marin Bayview Trail 24, blue
Marin Hidden Canyon 20, silver
Diamondback Oso Nino 20, green
Diamondback Metric 24, blue
Haro Shredder 12,bad apple
Haro Shredder 16: black, blue, magenta
Haro Shredder 18, blk, orange, sky blue
Haro Shredder 20, red
Haro Shredder Pro, Blk

Giant Roam E+ GTS, xl
Giant Transend E+, lg
Marin Pine Mt E-1, med
Marin Pine Mt E-2, med, lg

Road Bikes:
Marin Gestalt, xl
Marin Four Corners, med
Marin Nicasio, 52
Marin Olema 1, med,

Mountain bikes:
Liv Bliss 27.5, sm, med
Giant Talon 4 27.5, med
Giant Talon 29 4, lg
Liv Tempt 29 2, med
Marin Bolinas Ridge 1, med
Marin Bolinas Ridge 29 1, xl
Marin Bolinas Ridge 2, xs
Marin Bobcat Trail 4, sm
Marin Pine Mountain 1, lg
Marin Pine Mountain 2, xl
Diamondback Hatch 1, xs, sm, med, lg, xl
Diamondback Release 3, xl
Diamondback Release 4C, lg, xl


Giant Escape 2 Disc, lg
Giant Escape 3 Comfort, sm, lg
Marin San Rafael DS 1, med, xl
Marin San Rafael DS 2, xs
Marin Kentfield 1, sm, med, xl
Marin Fairfax 1, lg
Marin Fairfax 3, sm
Marin Terra Linda 1, xs, sm
Marin Stinson 1, sm, lg, xl
Marin Larkspur 1, sm, med
IZIP Alki 2, sm, med