Bikes Available 7/22/2022

BMX Bikes are here. We have BMX bikes from Fit, Haro, Redline Premium, and DK. We have a good selection of youth bikes. We now have a reasonable selection of mountain bikes, including some dual suspension. We don't have any pure road bikes, but have some gravel bikes. We have some commuter bikes and a good selection of E-bikes.

DK Cygnus 20, purple, grey zinc, crimson
DK Helio, black
Fit Series One, Gold, Clear, root beer, blue, sunkist pearl, black, red, smoke chrome
Fit TRL XXL, blue
Fit TRL XL, blk
Fit PRK, med, blk, pink
Fit PRK, xs, grey, teal
Fit STR Freecoasteer, med, grey
Fit STR, lg, creem
Fit STR, med, army green, black
Redline Romp, blk, olive
Redline Recon, red, grey
Redline Rival, grey
Redline Roam, blue
Haro Leucadia 18.5, blk
Haro Leucadia 20.5, blk
Haro Leucadia DLX 20.5, blk
Haro Boulevard 20.75, blk, honey mustard

Giant Animator 12": black, blue
Liv Adore, white and magenta
Giant Animator 16":grey
Liv Adore 16": plum, green
Giant XTC JR 20, red
Liv Enchant 20, salmon
Giant XTC jr 24 Lite, green, eclipse
Giant XTC jr 24 disc
Giant Escape Jr 24, blue
Liv Alight 24, purple
Giant Trike: pink
Joey 4.5 20", blk
Joey Thumper 20 R8, white
Marin Donky 16 Jr 16 SE, blk, white polka dot, turquoise
Marin Donky 18 SE,red/blk
Marin Donky JR 20, wht/silv, blk gold
Marin Donky JR 24 blk gold, blu/blk
Marin Hidden Canyon 20, silver
Diamondback Cobra 20, orange
Diamondback Lustre 20, purple
Diamondback JR viper 20, blue
Diamondback Oso Nino 20, green
Diamondback Metric 24, blue
Diamondback Division 24, yellow
Haro Shredder 12,bad apple
Haro Shredder 16: magenta
Haro Shredder 18, blk, sky blue
Haro Shredder 20, red, sky blue
Haro Flightline 24 Plus

Giant Roam E+ GTS, xl
Giant Talon E3+ 29, med
Liv Rove E+, xs, sm, med
Liv Tempt E+ 2, med
Giant Transend E+, lg
Marin Pine Mt E-1, med
Marin Pine Mt E-2, lg
Marin Saucalito E2, med

Road Bikes:
Liv Devote Advanced 2, sm
Marin Nicasio, 47, 56
Marin Nicasio 2, 60
Marin Olema 1, med,
Diamondback Haanjo 2, lg

Mountain bikes:
Giant ATX 26, xxs, xs
Giant ATX 27.5, sm, med
Liv Bliss 26, xxs
Liv Bliss 27.5, sm, med
Giant Talon 27.5 1, sm, med
Giant Talon 29 1, med, lg
Giant Talon 29 2, med, lg, xl
Giant Talon 29 4, med
Giant Talon 29 4, lg
Liv Tempt 2, xs,
Liv Tempt 29 1, lg
Liv Tempt 29 2, med
Marin Bolinas Ridge 27.5 1, med
Marin Bolinas Ridge 29 1, xl
Marin Bolinas Ridge 2 27.5, xs, sm
Marin Bobcat Trail 3 27.5, sm, med
Marin Bobcat Trail 29 3, med, lg
Marin Bobcat Trail 27.5 4, sm
Marin Bobcat Trail 5, med, lg
Marin Pine Mountain 1, med, lg
Marin Pine Mountain 2, xl
Marin Wildcat Trail 3, sm, med
Marin El Roy 29 , lg
Diamondback Overdrive 29 1, med, lg
Diamondback Hatch 1, sm, med, lg, xl
Diamondback Hatch 27.5 3, xs
Diamondback Hatch 29 3, med, lg, xl
Diamondback Hook, lg

Mountain Dual Suspension:
Giant Stance 29 1, med, lg
Giant Stance 29 2, xl
Giant Trance 29 3, med
Giant Reign 29 sx, med
Marin Alpine Trail C 2, lg
Diamondback Release 29 3
Diamondback Release 27.5 4, xl


Giant Cypress 2, med, lg, xl
Giant Cypress 3, med
Giant Escape 3 Disc, sm, med, lg, xl
Giant Escape 3, lg
Giant Escape 3 comfort, lg
Liv Alight 2, xs, med
Giant Roam 2, sm, med
Giant Roam 3, med, lg, xl
Giant Roam 4, med
Liv Rove 3, xs , sm, med
Liv Rove 4, med, lg
Momentum Vida, lg
Marin San Rafael DS 1, med, xl
Marin San Anselmo DS 2, sm
Marin Kentfield 1, sm
Marin Fairfax 3, sm
Marin Terra Linda 1, xs,
Marin Stinson 1, med, lg, xl
IZIP Alki 2, med
Diamondback Metric 1, med
Diamondback Metric 2, med, lg