Bikes Available 9/21/2020

There is a great bike shortage at the moment. We have almost no 2020 bikes left and 2021 models are trickling out. We have one mountain bike. We do have a pretty good selection of youth bikes and e-bikes. Here is a partial listing:

Fit Misfit 18: black
Fit Series One: gloss clear, gloss black, root beer, trans ice blue
Fit PRK: Salamander Green, Chrome
Fit STR: light pink, trans gloss black, matte raw
Fit STR Freecoaster: matte purple
Fit TRL:gloss clear


Giant Animator 12": black, blue
Liv Adore 12":magenta, white
Giant Pre 12" :Yellow, black, pink
Giant Animator 16":grey, blue, green
Liv Adore 16": plum, green
Giant XTC Jr 20" lite: blue
Liv Enchant 20": purple
Liv Adore 20": dark blue, white, light blue
Liv Alight 24": purple
Giant Trike: blue
Haro Shredder 16: blue, red, sky blue
Haro Shredder 18" orange
Haro Shredder 20: Magenta

Giant Roam E+ med, lg
Liv Rove E+: xs, sm, med
Giant Talon E+ 3, med, lg, xl
Giant Transend E+ , med
Haro LXI Flow iO, med

Road bikes:
Liv Avail Advanced 3: sm

Mountain bikes:
Giant Yukon Fat Bike: lg
Liv Tempt 2: Sage lg, Eclipse lg